Hope Mathematics Youth Club

       Hope Mathematics Youth Club with quality education as the core, take interest in training as a starting point, adopts the principle of voluntary self-study, through the diversity of activities and complete system of "self learning" mathematical thinking, arouse children's interest in mathematical thinking application and depth exploration, lets the child learn to understand information, manage information, find the pattern, explore the unknown. At the same time, by carrying out extracurricular research activities and public welfare courses for members, children can improve their ability to find problems, analyze problems, solve problems and evaluate risks, also developing the teamwork skills, friendship and mutual assistance.


《Mathematics and the Future》Innovative Composition Contest

       With the hight-spend development in this world, we have to always face the challenges from the future. In fact, the future world does not belong to parents and teachers, but to our young members, so we encourage young members to open their imagination, use the knowledge they have learned, and the vision for the future, to think, to explore the significance of mathematics in our future life.

《The mathematical mysteries of life》Photographic Works of Art Selection

    The mystery of mathematics is everywhere,it is hidden in every corner of our lives,teenagers through careful observation,can find out why we cannot leave mathematics;try to experience the wonderful mathematics.With the theme of "Mathematical Mysteries in Life", this activity encourages teenagers to take photos from the things or moments related to mathematical elements and learn to summarize the magical relationship between mathematics and life.

Deep Thinking Challenge,Winter Camp

       The activity of thinking challenge can encourage children to face the unknown and have the courage to try. In the game scene of breaking through the key and decrypting the secret, they can exercise their thinking ability from multiple angles and their ability to understand and solve complex problems. Club members will use the computer to find the correct answer in the activity. The difficulty of entry is divided into different levels, the questions are all from life scenarios.

Hope Math Top Challenge (Summer Olympia)

        Hope Math Top Challenge (HMTC) is an international mathematical team competition, which is hosted by Hope Math Youth Club in Beijing China since 2020. The original math game is created from Hope Cup Final in Summer Camp. There are more than 40 thousands participation, 7000 teams joined this international team activity in the first year from all over the world.
       The entire event includes 3 phases: Individual Round, Team Round and Top Challenge. Every kid would have chance to win the Gold Medal, Silver Medal or Bronze Medal in both Individual Round and Team Round. Plus the best 3 teams in each level, will won the 1st place trophy, 2nd place trophy and 3rd place trophy, this is the highest recognition for the winning teams.
       HMTC contains 8 level of math team competition, from Grade 1 to Grade 8. So every team can select the level to participate based on the birthday requirements for each level.All teams which qualified to the final, will be required to come to Beijing Club Center in August every year, to have a face to face team challenge. This trip will include Award Ceremony, the city tour and country team activities. You will make friendship with all best students from the world in this event.